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Rubber Grommets

Trying to lace up a shoe may be a hard task for someone who is knew to the trade. However, without those little rings that allow the shoelace to pass through, in and out of the material easily, the task would be substantially more difficult. Those little rings that help allow shoelaces to pass through are called eyelets, which is another name for a small grommet. Grommets are little rings that are pierced through various materials and serve a variety of purposes, from preventing tearing or abrasion of the material that it has been pierced through, to covering sharp edges in order to prevent harm and to allow materials, such as wiring, to pass through without harm. The grommets used in shoes typically are metal grommets. Grommets come in various sizes, shapes and textures and can be made from metal, plastic or rubber. They are used for many things in a multitude of industries, from the shoe making business to the army weapon producing companies. Rubber grommets typically are used for industries manufacturing more electronic products. These include the productions of military equipment, medical equipment, automobiles and so on. Typically, any type of production of electronic equipment needing to use grommets usually use rubber grommets.

These industries use robber grommets because rubber grommets can be used as an abrasion resistant cushion around almost any type of hole through metal, plastic, glass, wood or any other type of hard surface. They also can resist high temperatures, weathering, chemical exposure to a certain extent and oil exposure. Rubber grommets can be customized and molded to fit in between almost anything. Holes can be drilled for the grommets or the grommets can sometimes be molded and created to fit into holes that already exist. They are extremely versatile. These grommets are made from a variety of rubber compounds from SBR rubber to silicone rubber and from natural rubber to Polyurethane rubber. Certain rubbers are more resistant and durable than others. Their durometers, or the hardness, can range from the hardness of a rubber band to the hardness of an automobile tire. The make of the rubber grommet all depends on the place it is needed and the purpose it is needed for. The make of the rubber grommet can be made to please almost any type of surface’s needs, whether that is for the production of military weapons or simply the production of tennis shoes.

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