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Extruded Profiles

What is Extruded Rubber?

Rubber extruding, extruded rubber, rubber extruded, and extruding rubber is a process used to create a one-time special part or high-volume continuous length of a fixed cross-sectional solid rubber profile or a sponge rubber profile. This rubber extrusion process is used to produce seals, gaskets, tubing, grip seals, window seals, weather stripping, rings, bands and other custom rubber seals.

Commercial and Military sealing strips, HVAC, trim molding, window locking channels, and glazing channels. All rubber, thermoplastic TPE / TPR and PVC compounds / polymers are available to manufacture your Custom Profiles‚ or standard L, U, P, H, D, Bumper Strips and Window Channels as shown below.

From prototype quantities cured in our autoclaves to a continuous microwave or salt-bath cure, all products are formed to your specifications and produced accordingly.

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"P", "D", "E" Strips

"H" and "L" Strips

Bumper Strips

Window Locking Channels

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