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Foam Sponge Silicone Rubber

Foam cord products are just some of the many rubber products that Service Rubber Group specializes in.

In business for 25 years now, our ultra-helpful staff will work with you to not only set you up with custom or standard rubber products, but also help you integrate them into your manufacturing process.

We do this in a cost-efficient manner, too. For instance, when you come to us for sponge cord products our cutting-edge production processes allows us to make both one-time and high volume runs at competitive prices.

Silicone cord products, along with their counterparts made out of foam, sponge, silicone and rubber, are great for filling gaps. Rubber solutions do not always have to be overly complex. Foam cord products might be ultra simple — with its round shape design — but can be great for filling gaps, sealing or gasketing.

It is best to work with our team before placing your order for rubber cord products. This ensures you get a product that meets your unique needs. We must first determine:

  • Size: Our team will examine your process and determine what your sponge cord products are being used for. Based off that information, an expert can help determine the ideal diametric measurements. For products like form cord, you will want to purchase a size larger than the gap in order to create a tight seal. Our staff will make sure to meet your needs.
  • Durability: We can produce cords of varying softness. This, too, depends on its application. A qualified application specialist from Service Rubber Group will assess your needs and help make a decision.
  • Temperature and moisture resistance: All of our products are resistant to extreme temperatures and absorb very little water.

When you need accurate and complete answers quickly, rely on the professionals at Service Rubber Group. Not only do we have extensive knowledge on foam cord products, we are also able to address all your needs for rubber products.

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