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Recessed Rubber Bumpers

Recessed rubber bumpers are a very common necessity across many different industries. It is also another one of the many products that Service Rubber Group offers in its extensive product line.

This form of rubber bumpers is most commonly used as feet on things like machines and other equipment. They are ideal for a number of reasons.

  • Recessed rubber bumpers, after their namesake, are equipped with a recessed area in its structure. This space accommodates a screw or other fastening device so that it can be adequately secured. For this reason, they are incredibly easy to install.
  • Service Rubber Group offers recessed rubber bumpers in a variety of rubber compounds. Our team must first know what you are using the bumpers for. Based on that information, we can help you determine what compound combination will provide the ideal level of durability.
  • These bumpers also adequately absorb shock and vibration so they do not carry throughout the machine or piece of equipment. This offers a similar affect as our vibration isolation mounts.

Stem and button rubber bumpers are another popular product we offer here at Service Rubber group. These bumpers are generally inserted into holes. For this reason, button and stem rubber bumpers are also normally easy to install and are great for reducing vibration, shock and structural noise.

Recessed button bumpers are apart of our extensive inventory of bumpers, tips and feet. We work with clients to plan and integrate our products into their manufacturing processes.

We are confident that you will find value in the 50 years of combined experience that we carry on staff. After all, we have made it our goal to be an industry leader in providing quality rubber products. We feel we have succeeded at this task.

Contact a member of our staff when in need of recessed rubber bumpers or any other rubber product imaginable. We look forward to serving you.

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