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Oklahoma City Custom Rubber Injection Molding In Oklahoma City OK

For a highly efficient means of creating custom rubber products, the Service Rubber Group offers Oklahoma City custom rubber injection molding.

Injection molding has grown to become the most efficient and effective form of molding a variety of custom rubber parts — ideally small, detailed components. Our custom rubber injection molding in Oklahoma City OK is an asset for a variety of clients. We leverage our knowledge and expertise every step of the way — from analyzing the design of your custom part to mold milling and production.

Benefits of injection molding in Oklahoma City OK

Talk to just about any professional in this industry, and they will tell you that injection molding is the way to go for your rubber components for a variety of reasons. The following are just a few benefits that come with this form of Oklahoma City custom rubber molding.

  • Do you want quicker cycle times? Our Oklahoma City custom rubber injection molding provides significantly quicker cycle times when compared with compression or transfer molding.
  • Our custom rubber injection molding in Oklahoma City OK also cuts down — and nearly eliminates — flash. This leads to decreased material waste, which can amount to a significant cost savings measure.
  • Also, the injection molding process cuts down on the manpower needed to produce your components. This is just another way that you are able to cut down on costs (labor) and produce your needed products quicker.

We would be happy to take a look at your design and talk to you more about how our Oklahoma City custom rubber injection molding service can benefit you and your operation. We are dedicated to providing our clients with only the highest quality, most cost efficient rubber components. Talk to our team and let’s make it happen!

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