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Rubber Silicon Viton Grommets

Service Rubber Group is one of the leading producers of rubber, silicon, and Viton grommets. These rubber components that serve many purposes throughout a wide range of different industries.

As a quality rubber grommets company that works closely with manufacturers, Service Rubber Group can help you answer any questions you may have, along with deliver quality rubber goods and services.

Grommets are rings that can be made out of rubber, plastic or metal. Rubber grommets are very popular, especially Viton grommets. Viton is a special kind of synthetic rubber that proves very useful when crafted into a grommet.

Silicon grommets are used to line the edges of a hole or area that has been pierced through a material. Grommets serve many purposes.

  • Protection from sharp edges: When material is pierced, it naturally produces sharp edges. Rubber grommets provide a level of protection between these sharp edges and the human touch.
  • Avoid tearing and ripping: A grommet adds strength and stability to an opening. This will help prevent the material from ripping or tearing at the site where it was pierced.
  • Allow materials to pass: If materials, such as wiring, were passed through the opening, a grommet will help reduce the resistant and let it pass through easily.

As a rubber grommets company, our experts will be able to explain to you the exact science behind rubber grommets and how they can work for your benefit. Rubber grommets are extremely resistant to things like high temperatures or chemical exposure.

Our rubber products company can also produce customized grommets to fit your exact specifications. We use different polymers that vary when it comes to resistance and durability. Our team can walk you through the difference between each.

For 25 years, Service Rubber Group has produced quality rubber, silicon, and Viton grommets among other rubber goods. Service is in our name, and it is exactly what we would like to do for you.

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